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Barcodemine is a trusted retailer that provides barcodes that can be used for consumer goods in India. Since 2015, we’ve helped small Indian companies grow by offering the world’s only UCC/GS1-derived EAN-13 Barcodes UPC-A and EAN-13 for sale at low prices and without annual costs. Our barcodes are derived from the exact numbering system utilized by GS1 and are recognized by the vast majority of retailers in India as well as across the world. We provide our barcode numbers as well as images on a timely basis and offer our customers a speedy and courteous service.

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It is the European Article Number (also known as EAN) is an Global Trade Item Number standard that describes a barcode symbology as well as a numbers system. It is used in international trade to distinguish a particular kind of retail item, made by the manufacturer of that specific item.


There are many types of bar codes available, the UPC symbol is found on almost every product sold within the United States, making it the most flexible and well-known kind of product code available in this region around the globe. It's an identifier barcode with an identifier for GTIN-12 beneath.


GTIN is the name of the day for barcodes that are used for retail use. EAN-13 is now GTIN-13. This makes it simpler and less confusing to deal with barcodes for retail transactions. Slowly, companies are moving to this new system, but these terms UPC as well as EAN are firmly embedded in the current world of commerce.

Industry standards at competitive rates.

All barcodes provided by Barcode Mine were first issued by the Uniform Code Council (now GS1) and pre-date the GS1 subscription model. Therefore when you purchase from us you do not need to pay annual fees to keep your barcodes active. You own your barcodes for life.

Every standard barcode package we supply includes globally unique EAN-13 and UPC-A barcode numbers, 3 high resolution image formats generated to GS1 specifications, the industry standard human readable OCRB font and a Certificate of GTIN Assignment.

Our Special Orders service provides outer ITF-14 Carton Codes, specialised captioning, barcode resizing and both Static and Dynamic QR codes. Additionally we provide image generation services for ISBN and ISSN numbers as well as for barcodes previously purchased from 100% GS1.

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