We’re glad you bought something from Barcodemine.com.com. Please read the general rules below, which apply to your order. The Terms of Use Agreement, which can be found on the Barcodemine.com.com website and comes with your order, spells out these and other general rules.

How to Return Barcode Numbers
You can’t send back any GTIN, UPC-A, or EAN-13 numbers you bought on Barcodemine.com. We can’t give a return service because of how these goods are made. We do this to make sure that each number is unique and has never been given to another company or person. Barcodemine.com is the only one who can decide if you can return any other things or services.

Barcodes’ different file types
You will get bar codes in a compressed file, which may or may not include GTIN numbers. This compressed file will have a copy of this Terms of Use agreement, a certificate of authenticity, the GS1 General Specifications, a spreadsheet with your assigned number(s), and a document with a printed label price list and directions on how to use your bar code numbers.

Artwork will be given in a vector graphics file, which can be resized to any resolution or size in any professional layout program, including but not limited to Adobe Illustrator. Artwork will be given as a 1.5″ x 1″ graphics file in either.jpg or vector graphics format.

Barcodemine.com says that you should use a laser printer with a density of at least 600 dots per inch to print the GTIN numbers and artwork. Barcodemine.com says that you should put GTIN numbers and artwork in black ink on a white background so that they stand out and can be read by a scanner.

Guarantees and Statements
Barcodemine.com guarantees that you will be given a unique GTIN number and that it will keep a list of all GTIN number prefixes that have been given to or moved to it. If any or all of Barcodemine.com’s assets are sold, Barcodemine.com will no longer have to keep a collection of GTIN number prefixes.

You agree that you won’t sell any GTIN numbers or artwork that Barcodemine.com gives you to a third party UNLESS you get written permission to do so.

You also agree and understand that some retailers might not accept the GTIN numbers and artwork that Barcodemine.com gives out because they are not bought straight from GS1. Some of these stores are, but not limited to, the following:

GS1 is needed:

Walmart/Sam’s Club (Member of the GS1 Board) * Wegmans (Governor of the GS1 Board)
Kroger / Fred-Meyers
Home Depot at Macy’s
Lowe’s Costco Nordstrom
Neiman Marcus Sears’s EDI system provider, GS1, may need:

Amazon* is in charge of GS1
(GS1 Governor) Whole Foods, JC Penney’s, Walgreens, K-Mart, and Publix.
Target (GS1 Governor) *Amazon has changed its business policy and set up a way to check who owns a barcode. The only way they can check is through GS1’s GEPIR database. We told Amazon directly that the database they are using is out of date and doesn’t have the right information about who owns all of the barcode numbers GS1 gave out before 2002 from the GS1-USA partner organization. The fact that Amazon joined the board of GS1 in 2016 shows that it wants to fix this problem. Find our most up-to-date information on Amazon-GTIN exceptions and rules and details about how we’ve used their tools here: (HERE)
*Barcodes bought from Barcodemine.com can be used at Walmart.com.

GS1 Board of Governors: http://www.gs1us.org/what-we-do/about-gs1-us/leadership-team-board-of-governors

Barcodemine.com does its best to let you know about retailers that won’t accept GTIN numbers or artwork issued by Barcodemine.com. However, you understand and agree that Barcodemine.com will not be held responsible or refund your purchase of goods or services through the Website if a third party won’t accept GTIN numbers or artwork issued by Barcodemine.com. You agree and understand that it is your responsibility to tell Barcodemine.com about any stores that won’t take your GTIN numbers or artwork.

Barcodemine.com promises to send you any information or communication it gets about your GTIN numbers or your artwork, as long as you have given Barcodemine.com your contact information in a fast manner.

You agree and understand that you must tell Barcodemine.com within seven (7) days if your contact information changes, such as if your address, email address, or phone number changes.

Barcodemine.com has every legal right to go after people who use GTIN numbers or Artworks with prefixes given by Barcodemine.com in a way that is against the law or steals them.

115% Guarantee for the Best Price
Barcodemine.com will beat the prices of all legal barcode sellers by 15%—GUARANTEED.

Every purchase you make on Barcodemine.com is backed by a 115% Best Deal Guarantee, so you can be sure you’re always getting the best deal. That means that if you find a lower-priced barcode package from a confirmed, legitimate* barcode reseller, we will not only match their price but beat it by 15%.

*These are examples of “verified, legitimate” barcode resellers:

The reseller must be selling barcodes with a prefix that was received from the UCC (now called GS1-US) before the UCC Class Action Lawsuit in 2002.
The reseller has never been in trouble with any state or federal licensing, regulatory, or law enforcement body, and especially not for selling fake barcode numbers or fixing prices.
The reseller is a business with multiple workers that is registered with the government and can be checked.
The reseller must have a phone number that works, an address, and an email address.
The seller has a website and doesn’t just sell on eBay or other “auction” sites.
In this industry, we have to be strict about dealers because there have been a lot of scammers who take advantage of businesses that don’t understand how UPC and EAN barcodes work. Barcodemine.com is a verified, legitimate barcode seller, but if the website you want us to beat can’t make the same claims and back them up, we won’t be able to check their costs. We have to live up to high standards, so we teach our customers to do the same.

Amazon says it will work.
Even though we do everything we can to give our customers a great experience, we can’t promise that someone won’t illegally and fraudulently copy or use the barcode numbers you bought from Barcodemine.com. Still, if you find that your numbers have been stolen and used illegally by a third-party bad player on Amazon, we will work to make sure that you can still use the barcodes on Amazon. This means that once we know for sure that this is the case, we will either replace the damaged barcodes or give a refund based on how many barcodes can’t be used. Even though this is only a problem for Amazon, we know that our customers want their numbers to work right away. We also know that we can’t fight an industry giant like Amazon without spending time and money. Customers will always be the most important thing to Barcodemine.com.

More about Amazon

Amazon is a private Point of Sale (POS) system and database that you can access online. Because of this, any number used on their system could cause problems. This is only true for Amazon and not for most other stores around the world. These problems only affect a very small number of Amazon sellers, which is good news. As an Amazon seller, you’ll need to know what to do to follow their rules and work with their special seller programs.

This is not a complete list of all the rules Amazon has. These are the most common mistakes and mistakes that Amazon sellers make that we know of.

Before buying UPC/EAN/GTIN numbers, it is up to the seller to make sure with Amazon.

Visit our Amazon Support Page for a more complete list of error numbers and problems with Amazon.

Books and audiobooks: If you sell books or audiobooks, you may need an ISBN. ISBNs are not the same as UPC/EAN numbers, and most books come with an ISBN from the author or distributor. Find out more at www.ISBN.org.
Selling Big Name Brands: Big name brands may have contracts or agreements with Amazon that say other sellers can’t use their brand name to list things. Nike, Apple, General Electric, Microsoft, etc. If you try to put a big brand name in the brand field and then use your new GTIN, it won’t work. This is because, even though your barcode is valid, it is not one of the barcode numbers for that brand. Amazon is trying to stop sellers from pretending to be other brands and tricking people into buying fake names.
Brand Registry – Seller Program – Since the middle of March 2018, this Amazon-only seller program now needs renting or licensing GTINs directly from GS1. This means that you can’t buy your own GTINs and use them on Amazon. This very small group of sellers has to rent codes straight from GS1 every year. We think this is because in 2016, Amazon joined GS1’s Management board. Amazon also needs you to rent your GTINs from GS1 and have copyrights and trademarks on your brand for you to be a part of this program. Contact Amazon to find out more about this.
Legacy Register of Brands Sellers – From what we’ve seen, old listings are grandfathered into this program and don’t have to follow the new rules. However, any new listings will have to meet the new requirements, which are mentioned above. Please read the terms that Amazon gives you to make sure that their changes to their GTIN policy won’t affect your ads.
Product Bundles: If you try to sell a branded item that doesn’t exist, like a bundle of items from a famous brand, and use the name of a major brand in the brand field, you’ll be blocked. This is because neither you nor your barcode number belong to that brand. This is normal, and Amazon has a rule about it. Amazon says that you can get around this by putting your company name (or personal brand/DBA) in the brand field and then putting the name of the big brand in the item description. This lets customers know that they are not buying a Nike bundle, but a “Bob’s Shoe Mart” bundle that includes two Nike goods. Some sellers don’t want to lose “rankings” because the big brand name isn’t in the brand field, but those are Amazon’s rules that are written into their database.
At the end of the day, barcodes (UPC/EAN/GTINs) are very simple identification numbers, but Amazon’s “site/system” is not quite as easy. Before you start selling on Amazon, you should be aware of this.

Visit our Amazon Support Page for a more complete list of error numbers and problems with Amazon.

If you have any questions or concerns about Amazon barcodes, you should reach us directly at [email protected] or by phone at 805(492)8358 option 1.

Cancellation Policy
If the Buyer cancels an order, Barcodemine.com will stop all work on it as soon as possible, and the Buyer will have to pay a cancellation fee equal to the costs spent up to the date the work stopped.

Shipping Policy
All of the things are sent digitally through Email or Download.

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